Monday, June 23, 2008

In His Own Words: Spencer Larsen

"There is a lot thrown at you, more so as a rookie," Larsen said. "It is a real confidence builder coming out having defense and in my case the offense down as well and come out in training camp and not be worried about understanding the full playbooks. I have the base concept and now I can go ahead and move on."

"It is a lot," Larsen said. "You just have to study and dedicate the time to it. It is like learning a new language, once you learn it. Defense is a lot easier than offense since I have been more involved in that."

"I think I have less distractions," Larsen said. "My age comes with a little more maturity but I also have things a little more under control as far as family life and I have a system and way of going about things that has been in place for a few years."

"Being a professional athlete brings a whole new aura in the way that people look at me and even my family," Larsen said. "It is just a different way of life that takes some getting used to."

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