Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Are you ****ing kidding!

Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that Brandon Marshall was at club Tryst (the same club Javon Walker was at) on Friday.

Here's the blurb:

Metro's investigation into the bizarre Javon Walker case has focused on two critical points after he left Body English nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel: Who was with him at a party in the Hard Rock penthouse and whom did he leave with?

And just when the story couldn't get any weirder -- on second thought, the hunch here is that it's going to get much wilder -- Walker's former Denver Broncos teammate Brandon Marshall showed up Friday at Tryst.

It was Marshall and his cousin who started spraying champagne at a Denver nightclub on New Year's Eve a year and a half ago, igniting bad blood with some gang members, according to published reports.

Shortly after Walker and some teammates left in a limo, Broncos defensive back Darren[t] Williams was shot in a drive-by and died in Walker's arms."

No wonder Marshall had no comment earlier when The Denver Post wanted to know how he was doing with his hand. However, this blurb could mean anything, was Brandon Marshall there this Friday or the Friday two days before Walker was there? Either way, what the hell is he doing in Vegas at the same club Walker was just in before he got "robbed"? Come on man, someone hire this guy an Eric Murphy and kick his loser brother (cousin) Drama to the curb.


Kyle said...

I actually thought the same thing when I read that. It's misleading - it wasn't the same weekend at all.

Marshall was at Tryst this past weekend. He didn't get in any trouble, and he returned back to Denver for workouts Monday, which isn't even required. I'm totally okay with him having a good time, as long as he keeps his nose clean and keeps working hard. :)

Ian said...

I got concerned, but he had to go to the SAME club? What are they running a special on Weekends for anyone that's received a 1,000 yards as a Denver Broncos since 2005?