Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ebenezer Ekuban: In His Own Words

Marcus Thomas on Ebenezer Ekuban:

"Last year I was feeling bad when he was gone, because I felt he was one of the best pass rushers I’d ever seen," Thomas said. "For him to come up here and be back, he’s still schooling me and telling me what to do and everything. I’m loving it, so I know it’s going to help me improve a lot this year."

Ekuban, in his own words:

"Just telling those guys to keep working no matter how bad things may get," Ekuban said of what he offers. "And just teaching hard work and effort -- that's all the coaches look for. So hopefully I can instill that in the young guys by them watching me work, and hopefully they can do the same."

"It was disheartening [last season] just to sit back and know that you can't really do anything to help them," Ekuban said. "When you're out sideline injured, you can talk only so much but guys really don't hear you unless you're out there on the battlefield with them."

"I like it," he said. "I got my feet wet in there [as a defensive tackle] two years ago. It's different, you've got to be a lot quicker off the ball, you don't have a lot of time to react -- everything happens right now."

"I can play both [end and tackle] and I hope that's what I can provide for this defense," Ekuban said. "Be a versatile guy so when someone goes down, I can step in and we won't lose a beat."

Back to the old defense in Denver and back with one of the best players in that defense. In 2006 Ekuban had 78 tackles and 7 sacks.

Is it Sunday yet?

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