Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Broncos Team Camp: Day 5 Notes

DenverBroncos.com just hit send on their Day 5 notes, but keep it here and I'll break it down for you, I'll do my best to keep it entertaining as well.
  • Kicker Garrett Hartley [whom I mentioned yesterday] took the entirety of the field goals and extra points, as well as the kickoffs. Weird to only use up one roster spot on a kicker though, maybe we'll figure out how to make him count for two [haha].

  • Tony Scheffler suited up! But only to stretch.

  • While Hartley was kicking off Andre Hall, Anthony Aldridge, Eddie Royal and Glenn Martinez all saw time at kick returner. You know what I just realized, since the days of Darrien Gordon or Glynn Milburn I haven't felt comfortable with our kick returner. It seems like under Shanahan they have really had a solid one. Except the year that we did have a great returner we went to the super bowl (that may have just been a coincidence, but the Bears didn't go two years ago based on lack of field position)... Remember how random the kick returner used to be? Rod Smith go return this punt, Bradley Van Pelt you can run, let's put you in there, Brian Habib lets see how you do.

  • DB.com also felt the need to point out that Daniel Graham and Nate Jackson caught a lot of passes during 7 on 7 drills. Maybe that's because we don't have any other tight ends, but I'm not sure. I know, I know, Mike Leech and someone else, but long snappers and someone else's don't count.
Also! Selvin Young felt the need to talk a whole lot about himself and by himself I mean as a starting running back. At least he doesn't talk in third person, here are the important parts-

On being a starter:

"I always had it in my mind," Young said. "I felt like I could go and be a feature back for any team in the NFL. I was just looking for a team to give me an opportunity and believe in me and allow me to push myself to get to that level of competition. I don’t feel like there’s anything I can’t accomplish if I put my mind to it.”

On Travis Henry being cut last week:

“It hasn’t affected me at all whatsoever," Young said [editors note: his depth chart position may have changed just a bit, we're waiting for preseason to end before we make any definitive statements]. "My job is to come out and be prepared and be ready to go. There’s no difference from whether I was behind a guy and the guy ends up getting hurt and I have to come in and step up and fill the position. My job is to come in and learn the plays and be prepared, handle it like a professional and when my number’s called, be ready to go.”

But Selvin, who's this guy screaming at everyone, coming in like a Tasmanian devil and just cutting everybody from the roster?

"He’s won Super Bowls, he’s one of the greatest coaches if not one of the greatest coaches of all time, [edit note: oh...] so I believe in everything he does and anything he says, and I’m going to go out and be a soldier for him," he said. "Any decision he makes I’m going to stand by it, and if that reflects on me it’s a decision that he made and his belief in me and myself, and the other guys that we have in our position."

Who is it up to to prove you can be productive, to the coaches, I mean?

"It’s up to me to prove to the coaches I can be productive in that sense, and it’s up to me to stay healthy and do the things off the field and in the weight room to combat those ideas,” Young said.

"I’m coming out and I’m taking the reps right now with the [first team], and I feel like it’s my job to go out and continue to be a leader and be an example for the guys behind me and continue to keep pressure on those guys like they’re putting pressure on me,” Young said.

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