Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lorenzo Neal wants to play for Denver

We have a starting fullback, don't we? Well, we have Cecil Sapp, behind him on the depth chart sits Mike Bell (remember him) and rookie Peyton Hillis (whom yours truely likes for the starting position this season). I remember being disappointed in Sapp's performance more than a couple of times last year. He's not to blame for the lack of red-zone touchdowns for the Broncos last season, but as the lead blocker and the main target in their bread and butter bootleg pass to the fullback.

I was hoping that Denver would draft the guy that blocked for Darren McFadden and Felix Jones (Hillis) last season in the 4th, when we got him in the 7th I was pretty impressed.
Of course, I immediately thought he will start, as he has very strong hands and can just crack skulls busting through the offensive line. However, post draft, when Coach Shanahan immediately mentioned Spencer Larsen possibly competing at fullback, that's when I got unsure.

Now in a Michael Silver column over at Yahoo, former San Diego fullback Lorenzo Neal (the guy that's been opening up holes for LaDainian Tomlinson and Michael Turner and a Pro Bowler for the last three years) has Denver on a short list of teams he wants to play for. The other two teams are Dallas and Pittsburgh. With the exit of Travis Henry, the Broncos have an open spot on their roster, do they fill it with a 37 year-old fullback who has proven that he can still play?

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