Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow... "He's not my favorite person right now."

Another day, another Brandon Marshall story this one from The Denver Post revealing that Marshall had been arrested March 6th in Atlanta for battery, stemming from a March 4th altercation with his girlfriend (same one from earlier incidents). That's three times in a year for anyone with the scoreboard and at this point, the NFL may get involved. Jay Cutler's comment put into context makes a lot more sense now.

I mused prior to the draft, when all we knew was that Marshall had potentially ruined his right hand, that we would know how he really was based on who we drafted. Then we picked Eddie Royal with our second pick, this was, I believe, to fill the weak spot we had at Kick Returner and Punt Returner. It's not weird for the Broncos to have so many receivers going into training camp, Keary Colbert was signed March 2nd (two days before the alleged March 4th Marshall incident and four days before his arrest). However, the Darrell Jackson signing may have been a direct attribute to the Marshall incident.

We haven't posted up our break down on Denver's receivers yet, but let's look at worse case scenario. Keep in mind that Marshall's DUI case is still looming as well and has been postponed to September. So things just aren't looking great for him and I can't imagine him not missing at least a little time during the season due to a suspension. It would be almost hypocritical of Coach Shanahan to look past the multiple Marshall incidents while getting rid of people like Travis Henry and Todd Sauerbrun (at least Sauerbrun hits men). So as I said, worst case scenario, what does a Denver wide receiver lineup look like sans Marshall?

My best guess is Darrell Jackson at the X, Keary Colbert/Brandon Stokley at the Y and Samie Parker/Brandon Stokley/Eddie Royal at the Z. Not terrible, Bronco football without Marshall on the field would not be the end of the team, but he'd definitely be missed. Keep in mind, we'd still have Tony Scheffler, Daniel Graham and very good pass catching backs in Selvin Young, Andre Hall and Peyton Hillis.

Argh... Is it Sunday yet?

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