Monday, June 16, 2008

Peyton Hillis - College Highlights

He's sat in the shadows for the last three years, blocking for Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. He watched them both go in the first round to Oakland and Dallas, then he watched as every team in the NFL passed him up over and over ad nauseum. Projected in the 3rd, projected in the 4th, someone will pick him up in the 5th, definitely in the 6th!

Thank God in that blue and orange sunset that Jake Plummer existed, because without Jake Plummer the Broncos would have never had the pick that landed them Peyton Hillis. Any pick out of all the picks from 2008 is simply pure potential and truth be told. I don't know why I'm so high on Hillis, maybe it's because before every McFadden highlight, before every Felix Jones highlight there was Hillis leading the way.

Here's some highlights for you:

His college career long (63 yards) rush against LSU to put Arkansas ahead:

Here's Hillis making someone else look good (watch it as Jones makes his break):

Is it Sunday yet?

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Anonymous said...

I watched Hillis for 4 years here in Arkansas and he is the best fullback we've had since Barry Foster (NFL rookie of the year for Pittsburg). He didn't take crap from Nutt so Nutt gave Hillis a bad recommendation to the NFL scouts. Denver got a steal. Hillis will f*** fight or hold the light.